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Dedicated to the production of top quality, long casting, plastic lures.

Many fish were caught in the pursuit of the longest casting and most effective plastic baits available to the inshore and offshore fishermen.  We are constantly testing our products to perfect our baits.  It is what we do.

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How to rig the Albie Snax.

How to rig the Albie Snax.


So you got your Albie Snax and now you want to know how to rig it and fish it.  The picture to the left shows how I like to rig the bait on a 4-0 M gap twist lock hook.  This can  be changed to a weedless configuration by burying the tip of the hook into the body.   Just grab the body just anterior to the tip of the hook and pull it toward the eye of the hook, then tilt it into the tip.  I recommend only a small portion of the tip be buried to ensure solid hook ups.  This hook will work for 14 inch school Stripers to 40 inch Cow Stripers.  

Now the way you fish it depends on the fish.  Striper like a slow twitching, and occasionally a dead drift technique.  For Bluefish and Albies, generally a fast retrieve works best.  But if you got a bait ball with fish ripping through it, try to drop it on the edge of the ball and just get the slack out of your line, and be ready for the slash (looks like a stunned left over).  More information to come, and videos.  Tight lines.

Ed Caldwell

How to rig weedless

How to rig weedless

May 1, 2016

So the season starts in the northeast.   Water temperature just hitting 50 degrees, and the schoolies are showing up in good numbers in the estuaries.  Perfect time to pitch an Albie Snax.  Work it slow with a twitch and work the water column with a snax on a jig head.  Just got the boat into the water, and itchin to get out around the south side of the cape in search of squid and early Stripers.  Sea Bass should show up soon.  Wishing all a great season.

Capt. Ed Caldwell

First Schoolie!

First Schoolie!

The McSquid prototypes, coming this Spring 2018!